An Artist's Mind - 2019

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An Artist's Mind

January 2019

Wood, Paper, Acrylic, Linen, Thread

Location: Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts - Kingston, Ontario

With support from Queen's University, Adair Redish, Dr. Natalie Rewa and Mark Hunt

What happens when your mentor suddenly passes away? Kim Renders, a beloved professor, mentor, wife, friend, mother, sister, acquaintance, teacher, artist and so much more; passed away in July of 2018. Her energy was like no other. Often compared to weather, Kim was unstoppable. The installation is to resemble a cloud, wave, or any sort of storm while seamlessly fitting into the water nearby. One with the world, Kim spent much of her time amplifying the voices of communities that were being heard. She took up space as a woman, and the installation had to do the same. A rock for many students in the Dan School, Kim's energy is indescribable, yet I had to capture some of it and have a little with me everyday. The words included have be inspired by quotes about or by Kim; strong and powerful words just like she was. 

An attempt at channeling the energy of a powerhouse Canadian Artist, An Artist's Mind invited you to take a look at some of Kim's early processes and reflect on what and how art means to you.

The installation invited viewers to contribute to the piece by writing a note or words on the base of it.