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Carly Altberg -Production, Fashion and Space Designer

Carly Altberg specializes in set, costume and lighting design for theatre and film. 

As a Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada Carly Altberg has worked on a wide variety of theatre, concert and film productions in Southern Ontario. 

Carly's work is based in strong dramaturgical understandings and concepts, using colour theory and music as inspiration for her playful designs.

Often working as an assistant on larger productions in the past, she excels at digital drafting of sets and lighting plots and is ETC level 3 certified.

She also works as a production manager for theatre. In the past, she has managed teams of over one hundred people. 

With a background in impressionist painting and installation art, Carly enjoys painting, photography and has recently taken up fashion design a sewing. 

Carly is passionate about bringing ideas to life, and is creative with small and large budgets alike. 

Carly is currently working towards an MFA in Scenography at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London, England where she currently resides. Her academic work takes a focus in Atmospheres and Accessibility - how design can help communicate to a wide range of neurotypes and cultures.  Her most recent publishing can be found in Undergraduate Research in Theatre (Routledge, 2021).

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